Tsales is the travel partner of your commercial. Revolutionize your sales methodology using automated and optimized routes and real-time tracking of a system that adapts to your needs.

One Week

You will have the service working for you in a week. With a simple Excel of customers and products we can generate your user.


We get the most out of the mobility solutions, keeping your system always updated and with continuous improvements that make you always be with the latest.


Your data is very important for us so you don´t have to worry, we comply with the Spanish LOPD (organic data protection law).


Saas Service (Software as a Service). We take care of the software, maintenance and database, you only use what you need.


We have a plan that suits your needs, contact us and we will give you the service you need.


We hace an API to integrate with CRMS, ERPS...Whatever you want and need your business.


Don´t heisitate to contact us, we have a plan that suits your needs, whether you are autonomus or multinational.

Pay for license

Each commercial with tablet has a license. No matter how many managers or directors you have, you don´t pay more for them.


You can add the following modules: Telephone Support, 24x7, Surveys, Excel Reports.


If those modules are not enough and you want an app of your own, a redesign, an integration with your systems...No problem! But the same we ask you a Set Up :)


Here you can contact us for any question or need.

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Contact Information

If you want to have more information, make a demo without obligation or hire TSales do not hesitate to contact us.

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  • (+34) 915 138 011
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